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Cisco UC520 Overview

The Cisco UC520 is a turnkey solution recommend for small and SMB businesses with requirements for Internet, Security, Wireless, Voice, and Unified Communications. This is a turnkey solution where all of these solutions are integrated together.

Let’s talk about some of the options on our appliance.

First, we see 8 ethernet ports which are enabled for Power over Ethernet to power devices such as IP Phones or Access Points.

On the far right of the appliance we will see two dedicated ethernet ports. The first one is the WAN port dedicated for connecting into an Internet modem or router such as DSL or Cable. The second port is an extended port where we can connect other switches treating the UC520 as a LAN Collapsed Core.

Moving ahead, we see two set of analog ports. These ports are the FXO ports, which are used for connecting an analog line from a PSTN. That line would be associated to a DID or phone number. So, all placed and received calls would occur through this analog line.

The next ports are the FXS ports, which are used for connecting analog devices such as analog phones and fax machines.

Port 0 on both the FXO and FXS ports between these modules provide PFO or PSTN Failover Over. If there is a power outage we can connect an analog phone to port 0 on the FXS module and place direct calls out through the FXO port for emergency calling.

We also have an expansion slot where we can install other voice cards such as FXO or FXS modules.

Here is the FLASH card on the appliance where our IOS image and other files are located.

Focusing on the far left now, we see the console port which allows us to connect our system to the console and configure the UC520. The UC520 can be managed using the console, Telnet, SSH, or web application recommended by Cisco. However, to enable some of the advanced features such as IPv6, Multicast, and VRF you need to use the CLI.

We also see a Wireless antenna where this particular model supports 802.11G wireless where we can create multiple wireless networks for Employees and one for Guest users.

We see an audio port jack with a musical note. This is used for connecting a device like a iPod that can play a playlist for Music On Hold callers.

We also see four LEDs reflecting the operational status of the UC520. One is for the system overall, the second is for the Power over Ethernet operations, the third LED is for Voicemail operations, and the last one if for Wireless connectivity. A connected user would remain solid.

The Cisco UC520 provides a wide variety voice features and capabilities such as:
- CallManager Express for Call Processing
- Cisco Unity Express for Voicemail and Unified Messaging
- Auto Attendant
- Conferencing
- Voicemail messages sent via Email
- Extension Mobility
- Intercom, Paging
- Fax to Email
- and more!

Other features and services on the appliance include
- IP Routing with OSPF and EIGRP
- VLANs and 802.1q Trunking
- Quality of Service
- Stateful Firewall using Reflexive ACL or CBAC
- IPSec VPNs for site and client connections
- DMVPN for dynamic VPN tunnels
- and Advanced Technologies such as IPv6, IP Multicast, and VRF

The Cisco UC520 is a robust turnkey solution that can be used for small and SMB businesses for various network solutions.

This concludes our video on the Cisco UC520. You can get more details on configuring the Cisco UC520 appliance at

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